From the Farm to the Table

PDX 671


We use only local, Pacific Northwest proteins.

Boñelos Uhang | Shrimp Fritters

4 fritters of Oregon pink shrimp seasoned and combined with peas, carrots and corn   4.50


Lumpia | Deep-Fried Spring Rolls

3 rolls of ground Carlton Farms pork, vermicelli noodles

and vegetables – accompanied by a garlic-vinegar sauce   5.25


Ensaladan Kiukumba | Cucumber Salad

sliced cucumber and daikon (pickled Chinese raddish) mixed in a sweet vinaigrette and topped with rokkyo (pickled Japanese scallion)   3.75


Titiyas | Chamorro Flatbread

hand-made coconut milk flatbread, grilled to order   3


Hineksa’ Agaga’ | Red Rice

white rice seasoned with the flavor and color of achotte’ (annatto seed)   2


Kélaguen Mannok | Chopped Grilled Chicken

grilled chicken, chopped and mixed with lemon, grated coconut, peppers

and onions *served cold and spicy*

with rice   6.75

with titiyas   7.75


Nengkanno’ Gupot | Fiesta Plate

1 boneless grilled chicken thigh seasoned overnight in our Chamorro marinade served with Red Rice, 1 Shrimp Fritter and Fina’dene   7.25


Fina’dene’ (fin•ә•de•nē)

Commonly made with soy sauce, lemon, chili peppers and onions,

Fina’dene’ is a balanced blend of flavors at the heart of our

cuisine – the Chamorro sauce for almost everything!


King Car Lemon Tea or Coca-Cola   2

Coconut Water   2.5